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At Stetson, it’s not about the building. It’s about the Guest Experience. We refer to our tenants as ‘Guests’ to cultivate a more hospitable culture in our company and a more congenial environment in our buildings. Our philosophy is that to create value, we must listen to our guests and focus on quality and continual improvement. They are at the heart of a property’s real value.

At Stetson, we are innovators, collaborators and good stewards of our natural resources. We understand the intersection of financial management, capital improvement as well as construction management and cost. 

You need a commercial property management company that adds value to your property for you. At Stetson, our services include asset management, operations management, and accounting services.

You need a commercial property management company with a full-service model designed to add value to your property. Our unique perspective is the key to attracting and retaining quality guests, which drives value for everyone: landlords, guests, and customers.

Partner with real estate and financial experts who are dedicated to your customers. Partner with the new breed of commercial property manager.

Partner with Stetson.

Asset Management

Light Asset Management: Included in our operations management fee are light asset management services. Within the scope, Stetson determines a capital improvement plan, a multi-year operating plan and a current-year operating budget to create a complete picture of how the asset will perform over the next five or ten year period.


All these plans are created with the owners input and will dovetail with the owner’s financial investment plan.

Asset Management Plan: We know that understanding the deeper picture of Asset Management is critical to the success of a commercial real estate investment. The real estate Asset Management Plan (AMP) determines the boundaries of the financial resources and the limitations of the physical environment.

Stetson’s goal is to optimize the performance of the investment and maximize the owner’s financial return. Questions answered in an in-depth Asset Management Plan:

  • What is the owner’s objective for this asset: Maximize cash flow, maximize long-term value?
  • What is the anticipated hold period for this asset: Long-term, short-term, renovate and flip?
  • What is the optimum business mix in the building: Medical, financial, technology?
  • What is the objective cap rate for this building: Class A,B,C, location?
  • What is the ideal equity to debt investment?

Building Operations Management

The current-year operating budget is a well-thought-out, month-by-month detailed projection of how the building should function both financially and operationally for the next twelve months.

Stetson scrutinizes every cost and cultivates every square foot of space.


Questions that determine a sound operating budget:

  • What are the ideas to increase rentable square feet in the building?
  • How can we reduce service costs while improving service quality?
  • Have we maximized the bulk purchase of utilities, insurance, paper products, HVAC repairs?
  • Have we inspected the building switchgear for potential issues?

Accounting Services

Stetson provides building owners with all the services required to navigate the real estate decisions that accompany major business initiatives. We do not just report historical operations data; we interpret raw data regularly so owners can make better informed decisions.


You cannot manage what you do not measure.

It is essential to look for subtle hints in the data that tell the real story. Regularly reviewing data allows us to see anomalies and make more accurate projections. For example: Why are the HVAC repairs increasing year-to-year?  What is the remaining life of the HVAC based on what parts have been replaced? Why is the water bill increasing? Are we seeing any increases in the cubic feet of water?  Is there a leak?  Can the cleaning crew improve the quality of care?

Our Commitment to LEAN and Green Construction Practices

Applying LEAN thinking to building operations, project construction delivery, operating efficiency, and space design creates more inviting, sustainable occupant businesses. When we help our occupying businesses improve their bottom line, we gain more loyal guests for the buildings we manage.

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